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A Comparison


The following is a comparison from a layman's point of view between the traditional justice system and the World Wide Web Court of Public Justice. This chart shows the similarities and differences in case procedures and results when the traditional system is confronted by Public Justice: 




               Traditional Court



1.  Assemble All Relevant Evidence



2. Plaintiff / Prosecutor Completes 

Arrest warrant for criminal case / Summons and Complaint for civil case

Summons and Complaint prepared for criminal and/or civil offences challenging the individuals and/or entities in governance

3.  File the Complaint

File with the Clerk of the Court

File by forwarding Summons and Complaint to the WWWCPJ and the posting of  all information and evidence on the Plaintiff's factual basis web site.

4.  Issue / Serve Summons and 

Personal service upon defendant with copy returned to the court

Serve public notice by positng the Summons and Compalint as follows: 1) Post on the WWWCPJ web site in the Case Docket. 2) Post on Plaintiff's factual basis web site. 3) Forward copies  to three chosen Media Referees.  With this three step process, the Summons and Complaint are now publically lodged and available for notice and inspection on the Internet.

5.  Defendant Answers Complaint

Defendant must file an answer with the Court Clerk within 20 days of the receipt of notice and a copy is forwarded to the Plaintiff.  The answer is posted in the case file.

Defendant must file an answer to the WWWCPJ within 20 days of the receipt of notice and a copy is forwarded to Plaintiff via electronic mail attachment. A copy is posted on the Case Docket web page.

6.  Pre-trial Activity

Depositions and Interrogatories, case preparation, pre-trial hearings etc. etc etc....

Media Investigator(s) called upon to interview Plaintiff, Defendant and all witnesses, examine and confirm all evidence presented and to explore all possibilities within the case for credibility and news worthiness.  All news worthy information obtained is reported to the Judge (Media Referee)  who then prepares the information for news release to the Jury, We the People.

7.  Trial Scheduling Process

Trial is set to begin before a Judge with choice of Judge or Jury Trial (6 to 12 people).  This process typically could take months or longer.

Media Investigator(s) provide(s) constant information and news updates and conclusions to the Judge (The Media Referee.) and the Judge begins his regular news reports to the Jury (We the People).

8.  Trial Begins

Evidence is presented under rules of procedure that are very strict and formal with a judge presiding and attorneys operating under strict guidleines that only they can  understand.

The Jury’s (we the people's) reaction is carefully weighed and re-reported to the Judge / Media Referee during the on-going investigation and reporting of the results. The rules of order are governed within the boundries of the good ethics and behavior of the credible media source(s) involved.

9.  New Evidence

Typically, new evidence is  not permitted unless under extenuating circumstances.

New evidence is encouraged and always permitted and made available to the jury through the on-going media investigation throughout the trial.

10. Trial Conclusion with Verdict.

In favor of the Plaintiff or Defendant, concluded.

Final verdict and result can be favorable or unfavorable to both opposing parties depending upon the information revealed in the on-going investigation.

11.  Damages, Penalties, and 

Final damages and/or sentencing are determined by the Jury as governed by the Judge.

Damages and sentencing vary depending upon the consequences of public opinion. The Judge / Media Referee reports the people’s sentence by poll or general consensus and such continues until the story is no longer news worthy.

12.  Execution and Severity of 
        Penalties / Sentence(s)

The losing party can be fined, incarcerated or in the case of capital crimes, executed.

Winners and losers are defined by the results of the on-going investigation.  The severity of any punishment can range from public disapproval to  business and / or career failure, traditional civil laws suits filed and in the case of criminal misconduct, facing criminal charges and entry into the traditional Criminal Justice System.

13.  The Financial Cost of Justice

Ranges from the thousands, to the tens of thousands and can reach into the millions of dollars.

The cost is confined to the assembling, courier / posting of the information and evidence, web site design and hosting fees if applicable.  Typically, appropriate web software can be purchased in the hundreds of dollars. A web designer can be called in if affordable.

14.  The Financial Availability of 
        Justice, Civil Case

Only available if you can afford it.  If you cannot in a civil case and must represent yourself, you will more than likely be disqualified and your case dismissed.

The cost is affordable within the range of difficulty of the case and the amount and kind of evidence gathered and posted. The cost can typically be spread among a group who agree with your case. You may reasonably represent yourself or the group without limitation.


15.  The Financial Availability of 
        Justice, Criminal Case

If you cannot afford legal counsel, a public defender is assigned.  Unfortunately, the very state that is prosecuting you is also paying for your defense attorney.  All attorneys, by the way are officers of the court, and their first allegiance is with the court.  Conflict?

The cost is affordable and you may represent yourself with little or no limitations.  If your behavior as plaintiff or defendant is finally determined as criminal in the on-going investigation, then you may find yourself arrested and prosecuted in the formal criminal justice system.

16.  Accountability of Existing 
        Political / Justice System

To be accountable to itself has been the inherent problem with every political / justice system since the beginning of modern civilization.

As an objective third party, the Media in concert with the general public has always provided the most effective checks and balances for itself and the modern political / justice systems of the world. The primary purpose of the CPJ is to maintain order and effect positive change within the system.

17.  Effectiveness

Effective to the extent that it is affordable, available and objective in its evaluation of itself.  With its lack of affordability and unavailability to the average person due to the exhorbitant expense of counsel and the complicated nature of its rules of procedure, it is quickly becoming ineffective, dysfunctional and obsolete to the public at large.

Always affordable, available and effective, provided the Plaintiff is working with credible Media organizations who strive to bring out the truth (some margin of human error accepted).  It is truly the consuming fire that burns away the stubble of political lies, corruption and deception and brings about decisions based upon truth and justice, as such can be found.

18.  Conclusion

If conducted under the checks and balances of the WWWCPJ, the traditional government systems can be improved and made more functional for "We the People".

If conducted under the highest ethical standards the WWCPJ will balance our traditional system of justice to keep it fair and just.

It is important to note that even though the above comparison is purely from a layman’s point of view, it does come from a layman’s first hand experience in the court rooms and justice systems of the United States and Canada.  It is not suggested however, that anyone should file a complaint to rectify the system utilizing the WWWCPJ procedures without considering all of the consequences of exposing yourself, your family, your business and your entire life to the public media.  The media has its own somewhat undefined rules that can in one moment be in your favor and the next be your demise.  If you have much to hide, this venue is not recommended, as it can be a consuming fire on anything that is combustible.  If you file a case with the WWWCPJ procedures to confront the traditional political / justice system, you do so at your own risk. 

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