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A Brief History


The World Wide Web Court of Public Justice is born out of the original Human Family  forum that has essentially been around for thousands of years, or certainly since the first moment that two or more people came together to determine and enforce the rules and laws that govern their environment with the intent of affecting and communicating just decisions.  By definition, this is democratic self rule in action. 

It is interesting to note when a person observes a situation or behavior they believe is not in their best interest, the declaration that is often communicated to the community is, "There ought to be a law...". This is the beginning of the Human Family Forum of Public Justice.  The power of this forum is the power of public opinion and the magnitude of this power is directly proportionate to the number of informed people who are in agreement about the governing of their environment and then to carry such agreement forward into a justice system of law and order.  When the general population of any one or more communities or societies becomes passionate in their opinions regarding justice on a large scale, leaders and governments can rise and fall and entire cultures can be empowered or even  neutralized by the forces of the agreement of Public Justice in action.  This is truly the collective power of the people in action. The power of the Public Justice forum through this evolutionary process of collective agreement and delegation of authority has provided our traditional democratic institutions of political leadership, law making, enforcement and justice systems we enjoy today in the self governance of the Human Family.

Traditionally, the message of agreement regarding Public Justice has been communicated by word of mouth, written documents, telephone, telegraph, newspapers, radio, television, voting booths etc, and in today's world these communications are transmitted by any number of high speed voice and data transmission information technologies. The power of the new Information Technology industry has especially come of age with the multiple global satellite communications interconnecting audio, video and data transmissions to the general public throughout the world on a real time basis.  This is especially true with the fairly recent addition to the IT world of the grandest interactive communication breakthrough of all, the Internet.  As a world wide network, or web of electronic media, the Internet literally provides a data, voice and video connecting venue to potentially every member of the global Human Family to share information and communicate their opinions.  As the means of communication have become more sophisticated, prolific and accurate, the power of the Public Justice forum through agreement among the entire global Human Family has become more relevant.  With the advent of the Internet coupled with credible global media / news sources as our concentrated voice and expression of the human conscience, we the people of the Human Family now have a forum like no other to insure that the collective conscience of humanity provides a constant balance to our global institutions of government.

This illustration divides time into five hypothetical segments starting with the first Human Family Forum to organize the initial political structures of democratic government.  Note the parallel Human Family's partnership with the information / media sources available and growing in each time frame.  With the evolution of communication from word of mouth to the more recent explosion of audio, video and data transmission by satellite and the Internet, this partnership has now come of age.  As a news and information reporting system on behalf of the people, observing and overseeing traditional government, the power of the media once seen as a simple commentary is now a balancing force to provide traditional government an objective conscience.  Hence the birth of the ultimate forum of governmental checks and balances, the World Wide Web Court of Public Justice.

Political power is derived from the collective power of the people delegated to elected individuals for the purpose of creating, enforcing and carrying out the laws of the land.  The elected executive branch of government provides the overseeing leadership on behalf of the people.  Unfortunately, such delegated powers can and sometimes do corrupt those who are given such far reaching public authority and responsibility. When this happens, there may eventually be unintended and dire consequences to the same general population who delegated the power of their agreement to these political heads.  The power given to our political leaders includes the power to influence those who make and enforce laws and the interpretation and adjudication of our laws in the civil and criminal justice systems of the land.  The corruption of this critical infrastructure can easily happen in such institutions where hidden agendas creep in unnoticed or the information being provided through the local media / communications systems is politically influenced by deliberate falsification, corruption or being muted to the extent that the general population is deceived or left in ignorance.  In the end, it is possible for the very system that was designed to be in the people’s best interests to become a politically self actualized entity working against the society’s best interest. 

The traditional institutions of democratic government do generally provide for checks and balances within their organized structure to keep the system clean of corruption; the "watchers", so to speak.  However, who watches the watchers?  Considering that these public institutions with such overreaching powers are intent upon making themselves accountable to themselves; is this not a system that is in a state of conflict?  When a government institution becomes corrupt, does it make sense that the corrupt will correct the corruption?  This is clearly a system without objectivity or any sense of a separate and distinct conscience to marshal the issues of right and wrong. In any organization of such power, it is impossible to conceive that it would self correct under such circumstances, and in fact it would seem that such a system devoid of a truly objective conscience, an outside system of checks and balances, is an invitation to multiple forms of dysfunction and unconscionable corruption. 

The World Wide Web Court of Public Justice is an institution of conscience born out of a long standing partnership between the Human Family and the collective venues of mass media.  Like the traditional political institutions of democracy, the roots of the WWW Court of Public Justice also originate from this foundational Public Justice forum with a marked difference.  This partnership is designed to provide feedback on the performance of the Human Family's traditional institutions of democratic government.  If the results are positive, then the feedback system says, "Well done!".  However if the investigative news / feedback during an active case finds that corruption and self serving has entered in to produce unacceptable results, then the Court of Public Justice must intervene to put the errant institution back on track.  In effect, under the watchful eye of the World Wide Web Court of Public Justice, all is brought into the Lumina Diem, the light of day, to be scrutinized and confirmed for justice to be served.

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